Neill Curran

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untitledtree of smoke

tree of smoke

Neill Curran

The potter's wheel is the starting point of my creative practice. The current theme of my work finds its influence in a song I wrote about sitting at a pond on a bright starry night. From the song I have drawn a memory of tranquillity.


Japanese gardens were designed for recreation, aesthetic pleasure, contemplation and meditation. This led me to the idea of using Japanese gardens to replicate the serenity I found at the pond that night.


The placement of oriental designs is the prime focus of each piece, complementing the shape and direction of the vessel, thus marrying the form with the surface.


The vessel is then Raku fired. With Raku I try to control the absorption of smoke into the vessel by using different methods of resist. With each piece, I want to instill in the viewer a desire to hold the work, to investigate and explore its shape and surface quality.