Tom Fisher

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Trio of vessels


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Tom Fisher

I currently make sculptural ceramics and functional wheel thrown ceramic bottles. The sculptural forms consist of vessels and forms grouped to create still-lives.

Within my work I explore the placement of objects and the resulting formal dialogues. Looking at everyday still-lives that we have placed about our homes, whether they have been considered or have been randomly placed, they reveal both aesthetic formal qualities and cultural phenomena.

Images that populate my workspace include representations of Giorgio Morandi evocative still-life paintings and photographic images of the bottle kilns in Stoke on Trent. My work often combines these two references, playing with the fundamental elements of form, shape, colour and texture.

The grouping of the thrown bottles and hand built boxes are by no means haphazard they are considered and defined by the Interaction between form and glaze. The soda firing plays an important part in determining the aesthetic quality of the work. In essence the materiality of clay, the potters wheel and the firing process are all important and integral elements to the work.