Angela Lilly Sakayam-Zhuwao

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Girl StandingCroc
Girl Standing


Born in Germany and raised in the UK, Angela is the former Winner of the 2002 International Lufthansa Award with the Broadbent Gallery, London. She completed her BA Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton in 2004, and also featured in Wealden Times Designer Magazine in 2006

Strange narratives and figures, both humans and animals act as metaphors for a deeper meaning as well as sketchy traces suggest a creation of emotional stories of memories and effects. Angela commented "I believe the images take on a dreamlike, magical quality in which they create tension and dialogue on the picture surface. My paintings are deliberately large for figures and images to leap off the walls impressing emotions to the viewer."

Space is a very important aspect in this work as images take on personal space. The importance of their influences is marked by what size they take on alongside other formal elements of colour and mark making. This new body of work resubmits the familiar subject of the mundane and its emotional memories attached to it for a new consideration to the viewer.