Chris Tancock

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Robin Landing

Robin Landing

Bulls head

Bull's Head



"I am committed to extending the aesthetic beauty of photography beyond the individual photograph, be it in book or portfolio form."

Chris now works solely in large bodies of work rather than through a series of individual photographs.

He worked for many years on individual projects and considers himself a rural photographer: his interest lies in the events that happen in the landscape rather than in the landscape itself. In order to create a visual story of some particular aspect of the countryside, he covers long distances, retracing his steps over a described area or returning to the same spot over many seasons in direct contact with nature and at the mercy of its immutable forces. Chris rarely photographs through the summer months unless a project demands it.

Chris's work is that of extremes not only in his choice of cameras - for one project he may use his Leica and for the next his large format camera - but also in his propensity to only go out in heavy rain and high winds, after dusk or at midday in a thunder storm. Even in the darkroom he plays with the extremes of print tonality working to achieve a tonal richness and surface narrative that goes beyond the mere automated photographic record so synonymous with today's photography.

Born in Devon in 1957, Chris studied photography in Trent University before working as a documentary photographer through the 70s and 80s then moving onto interiors for magazines. In 2003 he started working exclusively as an Art/Story photographer.